PINA is a movie dedicated to Philippine (Pina) Bausch directed by Wim Wenders. Pina, born in 1940 in Solingen, Germany, was a dancer and a choregrapher and was best known for her “Tanztheater” located close to Wuppertal, Germany. Wenders and Pina were longtime friends and had been contemplating a collaborative project about Pina’s work: The project was intended to highlight Pina’s beautiful choregraphy. However, it wasn’t until the idea of using 3-D struck Wenders that the project began to take shape as a semi-biographical. Production began in 2009. Yet, six months later Pina died. After a period of mourning, Pina’s dancers and Wim Wenders decided to do the movie without her as a tribute. After all, her presence and work was still embodied in her dancers.

Never before, a movie made me realise what dance can say that words cannot.  It completely expresses what dance is, based almost entirely on visual communication.  Words fail to describe the deep emotions that this movie, and the individual performances, convey.  I caught myself smiling during the performance, and having my eyes full of tears during another one. It’s a magnificent expression of  feelings – fear, joy, calmness of soul, confidence, excitment and so on.  I believe that this movie was so powerful because of Wender`s ability to position you, as a spectator, not only from a distance, watching, but right in the middle of the group at times. Also, Wenders allows us to watch Pina interacting with her company people. It is magnificent to see a dancer create a motion based on the talk Pina and her/him just had.Wenders, by doing this, enables the spectator  to see the link between Pina and her dancers. We become witnesses of their intimacy.

Furthermore, in my opinon, the viewer is transported as if within a moving painting because of the magical aesthetic of the images and their locations. Indeed, Wenders takes Pina dancers outdoor. Dance movements and colors are combined and contrasted  with urban motion and either the greyness of the town or purity of the colors of nature.

PINA is a movie that will raise  the spirits of it’s spectators.  Dancers, lovers of dance, or even people who didn’t think they could appreciate a movie about such an amazing choregrapher. It’s a movie not only to see, but to watch over and over!


2 thoughts on “PINA

  1. I really liked your comparison of the film to that of a moving painting. This was an insightful response. As a painter I frequently notice links between certain techniques that film makers use that I also use when creating a painting. In addition, there are many links between that of dance choreography and the composition required in a painting. Essentially dance and film are their own forms of art so it is easy to draw connections towards fine arts. As you mention, colour and contrast throughout the film add to the aesthetic beauty in the same way we might find in a drawing or painting. Overall, interesting analysis.


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